Our sectors

Our skills in economic research and analysis, combined with our 'Knowledge Base' of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship across the UK, have application across both the Public Sector and the Private Sector.

Our Public Sector services enable the formulation of evidence-based action planning and strategy for local area business and economic growth and development. We provide economic intelligence to inform the planning activities of economic development organisations such as Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships (including Regional Growth Fund support, Core Strategy development and support and Inward Investment Support).

Other applications of our analytical and intelligence services support Private Sector business growth directly. For example, we provide powerful intelligence to support business growth strategies. This can include intelligence to support lobbying, planning permission, marketing and promotion (and the attraction of finance and investment for growth).

Our work is also used to inform the delivery and business plans of both the Private Sector and the Public Sector. For example, our Knowledge Base of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship provides key data to support the prioritisation of higher speed broadband in rural areas (plans that will derive the greatest economic benefit).

An overview of our recent work is available on the Recent Work page.