03 April 2020

Home Office Professionals and Co-working

The Smart Growth Analytics 2020 White Paper, ‘Home Office Professionals - the ‘invisible’ co-working business resource’, demonstrates the significant and growing economic importance of home professionals across the country.

18 March 2013

Changes to the State Pensionable Age

Changes to the State Pensionable Age set to boost economic growth over the next 20 years, but extent of boost will vary across the country, and will depend on local successes in creating additional jobs

12 August 2012

Superfast Broadband rollout set to boost home-based enterprise and economic growth across Somerset

Key evidence from Smart Growth Analytics suggests that the rollout of Superfast Broadband will significantly boost the growth and success of Somerset’s fastgrowing ‘industry’ of home-based offices. In turn, this will help to promote economic growth, and create much-needed jobs, across the County.

29 February 2012

London 2012 set to boost home working across the Capital

Flexible working practices adopted by firms to minimise the disruptive impact of the London 2012 Games on their business are set to significantly boost the trend towards home working and the establishment of home offices across London and the South East.

21 February 2012

The UK's home office hotspots revealed